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The Best Napa Day Trip for Wowing Out-of-Towners

Published Thursday December 22

Photo: Modernluxury

How to navigate the valley like a wine country expert.

Truchard Vineyards.

Everybody knows there’s wine country for locals and wine country for tourists. When you’ve got visitors in town for the holidays, that creates a conundrum: When they want to go to wine country, well, which wine country? Here, a blend that combines the best of both: the can’t-miss tourist stops that are actually worth going to, mixed with a few hidden gems that will knock your guests’ socks off.

You’ll taste the winery’s roster of respectable bubblies, which range from sweet to dry as can be, and its list of simple but tasty reds and whites. Reservations are required but easy to come by, and are best booked online .

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